Oh Calypso, of your seas.

Your spine is cold ocean crackle

Iceshelf heart to break young ships

Dark and deep as ocean caves,

The tongue rises in tumultuous waves

Breath touched with sweet salt air

Sea wrack spills your unbound hair,

Your eyes are chipped Atlantis secrets

Slim hips are undulating undersea breakers

A rolling water of wild promise

Seafarers fail to try to tame,

A Mer song to drown sailors.

I would like, very much, to drown in you.

I have bitten a siren song deep inside my mouth

my lips lead to ruin

they are the best way to die.


down the hatch Drew Barrymore
for nothing will carnivorous in blank motion

I’ve been seen in gravy train underpants
harping togetherness like a ill suited plague

catatonia growth beneath grotesque thread bare
witness my plunge gurgling obsolete thumb drive

I call to the arms and hell answered yes.


Lightning City by JohnSu

(via fyhongkong)





untapped aesthetic: surrealist jock

a varsity jacket but it has three arms and it’s melting

your football shoulder pads have grass growing out of them and they constantly hum

you shove nerds not into lockers, but into other planes of existence. your football is always singing, singing, singing. the astroturf changes colors beneath you, and whispers the name of every person you’ve ever loved.

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Dirt Skies.

This is a solemn sunset

in sombre bruised colours

for small and hurting hearts,


there are no careless violent reds

or ecstatic pinks here


joy has been shrouded in greyed out skies

in sweeping smooth expanses

of sorrowing marble.

"A thousand dreams within me softly burn:
from time to time my heart is like some oak
whose blood runs golden where a branch is torn."

Arthur Rimbaud (via viperslang)


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